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Alennmj Academy – How to do a test strand

In this video we are showing importance of test strand before we proceed to work generally on every single new client or with clients thats had colored hair, not with us. We used to create around 6/8 sections totally in every single zone of the head to see which product it’s better to use and what we can reach in first session. For many this is loosing their time but remember working in this way make you more professional and more self confident artist. Maybe in this case was Not even so importnat to do test strand but i’m still happy we did it because i know it what to do and what product work better on my clients hair before we started to work. A tip, take always consultation appointment with the new client, explain the proces like how much she would spend, how much time you need and in that moment do also your test strand so for the official appointment everything become easier. For more take a look our video.

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